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Preparation of documents

In accordance with the Customer’s request, we assist to arrange the following types of documents. Across Europe: EX 1 - Export declaration, T1 - Transit Declaration. Across CIS countries: Export Declaration ST-1 - Certificate of Origin

Freight tracking

Our Customers always have an opportunity to track the location of freight with the help of installed tracking system from “International Monitoring Group” (“IMG”). GPS monitoring systems of vehicles from “IMG” are aimed at cost saving and increasing the efficiency of managing freight transportation.

Warehouse Logistics.

Arrow Green Logistics offers integrated services on full maintenance of freight in the warehouse. This concept involves technological and technical maintenance, safety insurance, placement, accounting and storage of freight.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance requires profound understanding of legislation. Arrow Green Logistics company offers professional customs clearance services with extensive knowledge in the field of law.

Freight insurance.

At the request of the Customer, we assist to issue an insurance policy for freight, while taking into consideration absolutely all possible risks except force-majeure circumstances as natural disasters, military actions and etc. This is regardless of departure / arrival countries and continents. The cost of insurance depends on freight invoice value in percentage terms, which is individual for each Customer.